What Do I Get by Using an Advanced Home Marketing Specialist over a regular listing agent?

An Advanced Home Marketing Specialist® has the following that you can’t do yourself or get from an average real estate agent:

  • Intensive training on how to professionally advertise & sell homes, based on the successful promotions from the top listing agents in the world.
  • A license to implement the AHMI Proprietary Home Marketing System™ proven to attract qualified buyers and serious offers.
  • Proprietary resources to maximize the exposure of your home and sell it fast, for the most money possible.

Aren’t all real estate agents and brokers trained the same to sell homes?

  • No. A member of the ADVANCED HOME MARKETING INSTITUTE® must pass an exam after receiving intensive training before being certified as an Advanced Home Marketing Specialist®   
  • Only 1 out of approximately 100 listing agents have this certification and specialized training.  Marketing a home is a unique endeavor.  The days of simply putting a sign in the yard and putting the listing in the MLS no longer work.  Pro-active marketing of your home is needed in order to attract the “right” buyer who is willing and able to purchase your home at or close to the full price.

What does the AHMS® certification mean to you?

  • Proven home-selling system with over 35 innovative strategies to reach qualified buyers
  • Successful, proven real estate advertising to create your listing promotions that create excitement and activity from the “right” kind of buyers
  • Specialized negotiation training designed to get you the most money for your home.
  • Continuing education to stay abreast of the latest and most effective ways to sell homes

Exactly How Is an AHMS different?

  • Basic agents put your home in the MLS, handle showings, and possibly create a flyer for you.
  • Advanced Home Marketing Specialist® — is the only real estate designation that equips agents with the following proprietary 3-part home-marketing system designed to sell homes faster and for the most money possible:
    • PART #1: Identifying the hidden benefits of your home,
    • PART #2: Creating a professional listing promotion including a story of what makes your home unique with stunning photographs, and
    • PART #3: Implementing up to 35 innovative marketing strategies to find a qualified buyer for your home.
  • When you hire an Advanced Home Marketing Specialist® to sell your home, you’re working with a real estate professional who has the knowledge, skills, and tools to sell your home faster and net you more money.