Why Should You Use a Certified Home Buying Advisor to Help Purchase a Home?

Not all real estate agents are the same.  Sure, any of them can set you up on a generic MLS search and send you a ton of homes that “might” work for you.

But there is a better way.  It’s call our “Smart Home Buying Strategy“, and it can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars when searching and purchasing your next home.

We have identified over 80 variable in the home buying process, and missing one or more, or bad decisions here or there, can cost you thousands of dollars in current and future home ownership costs.  So our “Smart Home Buying Strategy” is designed to cover each of those variable with you to make sure you make well informed decisions and choices.

Plus, why waste hundreds of hours searching through tons of homes that don’t even match your basic requirements and needs?  Our system is designed to get to the bottom of what is most important to you, and then only present to you those homes that will “float your boat”.  Once enrolled, our “Smart Home Buying Strategy” gives you priority access to all the listings that meet your criteria including Bank foreclosures, HUD homes, corporate owned homes, government owned homes, pre-foreclosure properties, probate and estate sales, court ordered sales, recent price reductions of 10% or more, and homes that aren’t even listed yet.

This is a free service, and there is never any obligation whatsoever to buy or even look at a home.  Once you are entered, you will receive on a regular basis all the hottest listings and bargains, many even before most real estate agents know about them.

So what about those 80 variables?  Well, here are just a few of the topics that you will receive guidance and advice on when in our system:

  • Expert Advice
    • Market Intelligence
    • Down Payment programs
    • Out of Pocket Expenses
    • … and more
  • Home Owner Responsibility
    • Current AND Future
  • The Home Equity Swing
    • Building equity on Day 1
    • Minimize Buyers Expenses
  • Finding the Ideal Home at the Right Price
    • Hidden Landmines
    • Lifestyle & Neighborhood Profiles
    • The “Unfair Advantage”
  • Negotiation & Offer Strategies
    • Seller Concessions
    • Multiple offers
  • The Closing
    • Potential Deal Killers
    • Lender Fees
    • Repairs

And much, much more.

So, hopefully you can see that not all agents are the same.  It pays to use an expert in the home buying process.  Hire a Certified Home Buying Advisor.